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Douglass Anthony Tea.jpg
"Let's Have Tea" was created by Rochester sculptor Pepsy Kettavong and erected in 2001, at the behest of the Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood Association, across the street from the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House. The work portrays Ms. Anthony and…

A portrait of Susan B. Anthony, suffragist, 1820-1906. Anthony lived with her sister Mary on Madison Street and was involved in travelling, writing and speaking out on suffrage locally, nationally and internationally.

View of the entrance to the Rochester Public Market from Union Street.

View of fresh fruit and vegetables for sale by vendors at the market
First Place, new housing units on inner city lots. Looking southwest from Central Park and Niagara Street, just north of the Rochester Public Market. The city skyline is in the distance.
Bartholomay Brewing Company's main buildings overlooking the Upper Falls ran 450 feet including the brew house, beer storage vaults and malt house. A large elevator stored malt and barley. Nearby were the wash house, freight depot, office, stables,…

Vendors at the Public Market
Food vendors are lined up and ready to sell their wares at the Rochester Public Market. This view looks north from the southwest corner.
This is the end of one of the permanent stalls at the Public Market. Fruit vendors are busily selling their wares.
Central Park, looking west from Fifth Street. Trolley tracks are visible on the grass median. On the right is the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Christ. The church was organized in 1892, and the building, at the corner of Fourth Street, was…
Frank Dimora, 28, owner of a grocery at 123 Central Park, was accused of shooting Antonio Gagliano, 30, owner of a grocery at 125 Central Park. According to a Rochester Herald Article, as of Sept. 20, 1922, Gagliano's condition was listed as…
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